2017 IFT-EFFoST International Nonthermal Processing Conference / Workshop Scientific Committee

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Members of the International Scientific Committee

Lilia Ahrne, Ph.D., Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology, Sweden
Bala Balasubramaniam, Ph.D., Ohio State University, USA 
Glenn Black, Ph.D., FDA, USA
Roman Buckow, Ph.D., CSIRO, Australia 
Christopher Doona, Ph.D., US Army Natick Soldier RD&E Center, USA
Volker Heinz, Ph.D., German Institute of Food Technologies (DIL), Germany
Marc Hendrickx, Ph.D., Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium
Larry Keener, Ph.D., International Food Safety Consultant, USA
Dietrich Knorr, Ph.D., Berlin University of Technology, Germany
Kathiravan Krishnamurthy, Ph.D., Illinois Institute of Technology, USA
John Larkin, Ph.D., Food Protection and Defense Institute, USA
Xiaojun Liao, Ph.D., China Agricultural University, China
Olga Martin-Belloso, Ph.D., Universidad de Lleida, Spain
Carmen Moraru, Ph.D., Cornell University, USA
Indrawati Oey, Ph.D., University of Otago, New Zealand
Errol Raghubeer, Ph.D., Avure, USA
Hosahalli Ramaswamy, Ph.D., McGill University, Canada
Amauri Rosenthal, Ph.D., EMBRAPA, Brazilian Corporation for Agricultural Research, Brazil
Petros Taoukis, Ph.D., National Technical University of Athens, Greece
Carole Tonello, Ph.D., NC Hiperbaric, Spain
Jamie Valenti-Jordan, Ph.D., Hampton Creek, USA
Marcia Walker, Ph.D., Lab 915, USA
Jason Wan, Ph.D., Illinois Institute of Technology, USA (Chair)
Howard Zhang, Ph.D., United States Department of Agriculture, USA  

Conference Abstract Booklet

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Conference / Workshop Flyer 

For complete event details, see the 2017 IFT-EFFoST International Nonthermal Processing Conference / Workshop and Short Course Flyer.  

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