2019 IFSH Annual Meeting Materials


Low Moisture Foods Taskforce Meeting
Sprout Safety Taskforce Meeting
Juice and Beverage Safety Taskforce Meeting
Peter Kilpatrick, Ph.D., Provost, Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT)
IFSH Update
CFSAN Update
A New Era of Smarter Food Safety
Risks Associated with Listeria monocytogenes in Frozen Foods-Intersection of Science and Policy

Taskforce Recaps

Low Moisture Foods

Nathan Anderson, Ph.D., Research Agricultural Engineer, FDA CFSAN Moffett

Sprout Safety

T.J. Fu, Ph.D., Research Chemical Engineer, FDA CFSAN Moffett

Juice and Beverage

Alvin Lee, Ph.D., Director Center for Processing Innovation, IIT IFSH


IFSH Research Highlights – Management and Oversight
Food Processing Platform
Modeling Microbial Inactivation During Baking
Food Microbiology Platform
High Throughput Genomic and Transcriptomic Analysis of Salmonella Survival in FreshCut Produce
Food Chemistry and Packaging Platform
Food Allergen Detection and Control Research at IFSH
Nutrition Platform
The Use of the Term “Natural” in Food Labeling – FDA’s Perspective
Proficiency Testing and Method Validation Platform
Multi-Laboratory Validation Study- Detection of Cyclospora in Agricultural Water
Kaiping Deng, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, IIT IFSH
Poster Session Overview & Poster Viewing
Jason Wan, Ph.D., Associate Director, IIT IFSH
Listeria Control - Regulatory Perspective
Fifteen Years of the Food Emergency Response Network
Cultured Meat Products - Regulatory Perspectives
Plant-based Meat Alternative-Industry Perspective on Food Safety
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