Center for Nutrition Research

What We Do

The Center for Nutrition Research (CNR) conducts human nutrition and clinical studies to determine the health benefits of foods and food components in a variety of specialty areas.  We substantiate health claims through evidence-based science.  To read more about the services offered by the CNR, see our Nutrition Research Service Areas Page

What You Get

Research related to - 

  • Expertise in determining the health benefits of food and food components.
  • Cost effective test designs used in  pre-clinical and clinical studies.
  • Fully integrated analytical chemistry lab and pilot plant capabilities.
  • Practical data that aligns and validates food safety and nutrition goals.
  • Facilitated path-to-market strategy through early and ongoing regulatory interaction. 
  • Robust business models that support innovative product designs.
  • Reduced cost of innovation through industry, government and academic collaboration.
  • Facilitated path-to-market strategy through early and ongoing regulatory interaction.

How We Deliver

  • Multi-disciplinary approach to nutrition research.
  • Collaborative linkages with the FDA.
  • Internationally recognized scientists with standard and novel assessment methodologies.  
  • Reduced front-end costs through leveraged grant awards.
  • Industry driven consortiums that address market needs.

Center for Nutrition Research Service Areas

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Learn how to become a clinical research subject, and about the ongoing human clinical trials conducted by the Center for Nutrition Research.

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Key Staff Members and Contact Information

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Associate Director, Center for Nutrition Research; Associate Professor of Food Science, IIT
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