Center for Processing Innovation

What We Do

The Center for Processing Innovation (CPI) provides the food industry and government agencies with applied research capabilities for process validation of thermal and emerging technologies that lead to new and value-added products.  Our Center capitalizes on state of the art research methods developed collaboratively with FDA scientists co-located at IFSH’s National Center for Food Safety and Technology.  To read more about the services offered by the CPI, see our Center for Processing Innovation Services Areas Page.

What You Get

How We Deliver

  • Collaborative linkages with the FDA.
  • Multi-disciplinary approach to food processes and validation.
  • World-class research teams that deliver path-to-market answers. 
  • Industry driven consortiums that  address emerging market needs.

Center for Processing Innovation Service Areas

Center for Processing Innovation Research Projects

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Membership Application Process

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Key Staff Members and Contact Information

Scientist (Microbiologist), Assistant Professor, IIT
Engineer, Assistant Professor, IIT
Director, Center for Processing Innovation, Associate Professor, IIT
IFSH Associate Director, Professor of Food Science, IIT