Join a Clinical Nutrition Study

Investigators at the Center for Nutrition Research are seeking volunteers for various research studies pertaining to the health benefits of foods and food components.  

You may be eligible to participate in one of our food studies if you are:

  • over 18 years old
  • In generally good health

Studies involve:

  • Visits to our clinic on the Illinois Institute of Technology campus
  • Eating specially prepared foods and meals (all foods and ingredients are commercially available)
  • Blood sample collection so we can analyze how foods/food components are absorbed and can influence metabolic processes in your body
  • Some studies will test how well our brains function (cognitive performance)
  • You will be provided health information about yourself for free
  • Compensation for your time in our clinic participating in studies

Complete a survey online today to find out if you may qualify.

Call 312.567.5300 or email with any questions.

Our work focuses on berries, berry components, carbohydrates, including different fibers, proteins and fats, extracts from nature to name a few.

Our studies include measuring changes in how our body absorbs and metabolizes different components of what we eat. We are specialist in acute effects and how our daily behaviors add up to long-term health (or consequences).

We work to understand appetite control and body weight regulation

Our studies also examine the links between diet/food, metabolic flexibility and brain function. Our cognitive performance can decline as we age, but what people don’t know is how our brain performance can be less than optimal when we are younger; and what we can do about it.

Membership Application Process

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