Method Validation and Statistics for Microbiological Methods-Part A: Qualitative Methods

Event Date 

Sep 18, 8:00am to Sep 20, 5:00pm


Joint Institute for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, 5145 Campus Drive, Patapsco Building, Suite 2134, College Park, MD 20742-6730


Course Description

Due to the growing number of microbiological methods being made available from industry and regulatory agencies, there is an increasing need for the validation of methods. With regards to training in this area, a  comprehensive curriculum covering experimental design, data analysis, and performance evaluation has been developed. This training curriculum has been primarily developed for scientific professionals working in the  area of microbiological testing in a variety of laboratory settings including both industry and regulatory        laboratories. The primary goal of this training course is to provide scientists with a comprehensive                 understanding of terminologies and principles used in national and international method validation standards. Upon completion of this training, scientists will be able to design, conduct, and evaluate single lab and multi lab method validation studies. The training course is also intended to provide scientists with the skills necessary to interpret method performance data in order to establish quality control measures and make decisions on the selection of microbiological methods. This workshop and curriculum have been developed by the data   scientists at QuoData GmbH who are specialized in the field of interlaboratory studies and validation of    measurement methods. The training will be led by a team of scientists with a breadth of method validation  experience from QuoData GmbH and experts in microbiology, food safety and compliance from IFSH and FDA.

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