BSL-3 Biocontainment Pilot Plant and Laboratory

The Biosafety Level 3 (BSL-3) facility at IFSH is one of the first in the country specifically designed to study the behavior of pathogens and virulent organisms in real-world food processing conditions.  The laboratory and bio-containment pilot plant have been independently certified at BSL-3 level with a total of 7000 square feet for research and validation of pilot-plant scale food processing equipment.

Facility Highlights Include

  • Large BSL-3 laboratory for product analysis.
  • Approximately 1,500 sq. feet of pilot plant area with plug & run capability.
  • Certified for BSL-3 operation for use in validating processing methods with pathogens.
  • Capable of housing most pilot and  commercial equipment from produce washers to extruders.
  • Three phase power with water and steam sources in the containment area.
  • Full containment for handling large quantities of pathogens or processes that generate aerosols.
  • Ability to handle large volumes (up to 600 gallons or 100 lbs) of pathogenic organisms in produce.
  • Whole room decontamination system for disinfecting processing equipment and surfaces.
  • Effluent decontamination and disposal system for all liquid waste.

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