Clinical Nutrition Research Center

The Clinical Nutrition Research Center, constructed in the IIT Research Tower on IIT’s main campus in Chicago, is a 5,000 sq. ft. facility designed and dedicated for the purpose of conducting outpatient clinical research studies.

Facility Highlights Include

  • On-site subject/patient screening and training
  • Metabolic kitchen for test food preparation and distribution
  • Two food intake suites for communal dining and or individual dining and larger refrigerators for food storage
  • Multiple private examination and consultation rooms, and stations adapted for phlebotomy use or catheter implantation and management
  • Dedicated rooms equipped for vitals assessment, flow-mediated dilation assessment (GE-LOGi-Q, ultrasound equipment with a special ultrasound bed), anthropometrics, food intake and appetite evaluation, among others
  • Separate laboratory space equipped for specimen processing, storage and fresh sample analysis
  • Biological freezers, refrigerators, centrifuges (clinical, superspeed, micro-ultracentrifuge), biological safety hood, platelet function analyzer, portable glucose, hemoglobulin and lipid analyzers
  • Randox Daytona fully automated clinical analyzer, capable of running 180 different clinical chemistry tests and 270 tests per hour
  • Licensed with specialized computer programs for food intake analysis (ESHA nutrient data base) and statistical analysis

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