Overview and Tour Of IFSH Facilities

IFSH Headquarters, IIT Moffett Campus
6502 South Archer Road
Bedford Park, IL 60501-1957

The Institute for Food Safety and Health is located at IIT’s Moffett Campus in Bedford Park, Illinois. The physical resources of IFSH include offices, meeting rooms and classrooms, a library, several laboratories, and pilot plants.

The IFSH facility currently consists of two major buildings and three minor structures situated on 5.5 acres of land. The 50,000-sq. ft. main building contains offices, meeting room space, reception area/lobby, library, and several laboratories. A second, connected building contains IFSH’s three-story, 55,000  sq. ft. industrial scale pilot plant, as well as meeting rooms and office space. A smaller, 7,000 sq. ft. building, houses the Biosafety Level 3 (BSL-3) laboratory and biocontainment pilot plant. A hazardous waste building and a greenhouse also are located onsite.

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