2015 Animal Foods Subcommittee Meeting Summaries

January, 2015 (San Antonio, TX)

An overview of the structure and goals of the FSPCA and the Animal Food Subcommittee was given, as new members had recently joined.  Progress continues to be made on both the human food and animal food training curriculums, as well as the associated training materials.  The example animal food safety models have not yet begun development, but another editorial committee will be created in the future to complete this task.  Subcommittee members recommended that currently available animal food industry and academic training materials could be used in the development of the Alliance course.  The Subcommittee also discussed the purpose and use of the hazard guidance, as well as the next steps for the hazard guidance editorial committee. The FSPCA website needs to be updated with additional information on the Animal Food Subcommittee.

July 8-9, 2015 (Chicago, IL)

A face-to-face meeting was held to review proposed edits to the draft animal food training curriculum. Special emphasis during the review was given to the proposed curriculum examples to ensure appropriateness for animal food. The desired format and content for example animal food safety plans also was considered. Organizing and drafting the curriculum so that the preventive controls regulatory requirements are communicated effectively to the animal food industry will be a focus of the committee moving forward.