2015 Continuation Subcommittee Meeting Summaries

January 16, 2015

The Subcommittee reviewed the current inventory of policies and documents and agreed further development was needed before disseminating to the Steering Committee for finalization. An Extension webinar in late February/early March was discussed and review of the current PowerPoint deck was requested. Timeline revisions, specifically to the dates of pre-rule Course Pilots and post-rule Train-the-Trainer sessions, were captured. The further development of business requirements for a FSPCA Portal was deferred to the Website Subcommittee.

January 30, 2015

The timeline was updated and reflects upcoming Pilot and TTT sessions, as well as webinar planning. Pilot logistics were discussed at length and locations were determined as such: April/East Coast, May/West Coast and June/Midwest. The curriculum update confirmed the course materials would be ready for the April pilot. The subcommittee continues to draft FSPCA documents including the Alliance Business Plan. An Extension Webinar is tentatively scheduled for March 2015, exact details TBD.

February 13, 2015

Marketing and outreach in regard to the Extension webinar was discussed. The announcement and PowerPoint decks will be revised to reflect changes requested. Subcommittee members were asked to give priority to review of the Alliance Business Plan. Pilot sessions logistics continue to be worked out and members were invited to submit names for the attendee list.

March 13, 2015

A summary of the March 12 FSPCA Quarterly webinar included that there were 100 registrants and 60 participants from FDA, States, Large Companies, Consultants, Universities, Pet Foods and Associations. A PDF of the PowerPoint slides will be posted on the FSPCA website. Applicable Q&A gathered from the webinar will be added to the FSPCA website, FAQ section. Two upcoming Extension webinars in April and May are in development. International Outreach was discussed and will be an ongoing Continuation Subcommittee agenda item. Opportunities for hosting FSPCA symposiums at upcoming conferences and meetings were identified for future investigation The Instructor Application form and process post-application continue to be reviewed and refined. The need for a Train the Trainer Working Group was agreed upon and the request will be submitted to the Executive Committee for further action.

March 27, 2015

Discussions regarding the Extension Service Webinars included what questions should be asked of the participants, and how those questions should be delivered. The group brainstormed ideas to stimulate registration for the webinars. The Business Plan draft was accepted by the Subcommittee and will be sent to the Steering Committee for review, and final approval. Future opportunities to present at major conferences continue to be pursued. A short discussion about International Outreach revolved around a FSVP Module for Importers who are processors, and a FSVP Course for Importers who are non-processors. The Subcommittee will convene meetings after the April Pilot.

May 22, 2015

Outstanding and new action items were the focus of this Continuation Subcommittee meeting. Discussions included 1) finalizing the business plan, 2) edits to the FSPCA Task timeline, 3) brainstorming value propositions and instructor ROI, 3) SOP for vetting Lead Instructor applicants, 4) website edits, 5) webinar updates and next steps, 6) recruiting of experts for the technical assistance network, 7) international outreach, 8) small processor focus group in August, 9) contract lab webinar, and 9) organization of the resource links.

June 19, 2015

June Pilot was recapped. A list of consistent questions from all Pilots were noted for further discussion and resolutions. Outreach updates included the FSMA Embassy Roundtable and the June 24th FSPCA Update Webinar. Due to the holiday, the next Continuation Subcommittee meeting will be on July 17, 2015.

July 17, 2015

Continuation Subcommittee members met to discuss train-the-trainer developments, the FSPCA Course Rollout Plan and FSPCA Rules for Course Modification. Outreach reported on the recent Contract Webinar and the upcoming session at IAFP on July 27.

July 31, 2015

Past and current action items were discussed at length. Discussions regarding trainers of trainers, FSPCA FAQs and cost calculations topped the list.

August 14, 2015

Cost calculations were discussed and continue to be refined. The Alliance wants to remain flexible in terms of working with people to help meet their needs of training trainers. A new International Subcommittee reported the development of a Charter and the formation of several task-focused Working Groups. Lead Instructor applications are being reviewed and correspondence to update applicants on status will be sent.

August 28, 2015

Focus Group recap indicated that overall the attendees were very enthusiastic about the training and found that it was appropriate for the target audience.

The train-the-trainer course is close to completion and will be reviewed by the review subgroup. Compensation for trainers and overall course cost models were discussed and will be presented to the Steering Committee for approval.

Outreach reported that the FSMA Technical Assistance Network will receive electronic questions via a web form for PC regulation interpretation questions. The next FSPCA update webinar is scheduled for September 3rd.

International Subcommittee charter is near completion and work group members are being identified.

Lead Instructor applicants continue to be reviewed.

September 18, 2015

Updates on finalization on the Human Foods and Animal Foods courses were given. TTT course locations, dates and costs are being determined. TTT Pilot sessions will commence in late October with public offerings expected in late November/ early December.

September 25, 2015

Updates on finalization on the Human Foods and Animal Foods courses were given. TTT Pilot dates and locations have been determined. Invitations to be sent to Pilot participants next week. Future course locations, dates and costs are being researched. A fillable form is being developed for those who wish to host an FSPCA course. Vendor to provide printing, housing, and delivery of FSPCA materials has been identified. International activities include finalization of the Subcommittee Charter and the establishment of three Working Groups (Training Content, Trainer Network and Technical Assistance). Opportunities for international outreach were discussed. A status report on the development of an FSPCA Technical Assistance web portal was given. Food Safety Experts to support the Technical Assistance are being identified and will be contacted to gauge interest. The FAQ portion of the FSPCA website has been broadened and is updated as common questions are identified.

October 9, 2015

October and November Lead Instructor Training Pilot logistics was the topic of discussion. Curriculum completion is expected in time for the October TTT Pilot. Outstanding items were identified. Determining future locations, costs, and instructors for FSPCA PC for Human Food/FSPCA Lead Instructor Training course continues. International outreach and delivery was also touched upon. The FSPCA National Technical Assistance Network workgroup is meeting to report on status of current tasks and determine future tasks.

November 20, 2015

The participants went over the action items from the previous meeting. There was a discussion on the scoring process of those interested in the Lead Instructor class and how to make sure they give enough information to judge them correctly. The International Subcommittee mentioned they are having a kick-off call today. There was also discussion on how to create translations of the course materials. Instructors in the Seattle and IFSH Lead Instructor training courses this past week both gave thorough recaps of what happened at these courses and how what they learned can be applied for future courses.

December 7, 2015

The current business plan has been sent out for future review. There was a recap of the Steering Committee meeting highlights. Especially noted was the new committee/subcommittee structure that has been created. Also, appropriate use of logos and crediting were discussed. Keenly aware of the need for more course offerings, we are expanding the Trainer of Trainer pool to increase ToT availability to instruct. The updates to the course manual were discussed and noted that current information is available on the Instructor Portal online.