2016 Steering Committee Meeting Summaries

January 13, 2016

An overview of the action items from the Face-to-Face meeting in December were discussed. The Executive Committee said they discussed the new committee chairs and how to engage Lead Instructors. The Editorial Subcommittee said they are nearly done with Version 1.2 of the curriculum. The Continuation Subcommittee said that there are updates to the website to help Lead Instructors and the new Learning Management system is now live. The Outreach Subcommittee said the Technical Assistance Network will be running by the end of March. The International Subcommittee is working to create an FSVP module. They have a contract pending for a Spanish translation of the Preventive Controls curriculum. The Animal Foods Subcommittee have the first Train-the-Trainer session tentatively scheduled for the last week in February.

February 10, 2016

Several topics were discussed that needed Steering Committee approval including: Lead ToT (Trainer-of-Trainer) compensation and implementation of the new Subcommittee structure. It was decided to not change the logo for each individual Alliance course but to add footers to slides and pages of the course curriculums. How to handle situations where attendees did not complete the course curriculum was discussed and a policy and procedures will be developed. A policy and information for allowed use of Alliance logos and correct terminology for Lead Instructors to use is being developed. The dates for 2016 quarterly webinars and Face-to-Face Steering Committee meetings was announced.

March 9, 2016

Kathy Gombas presented a ToT (Trainer-of-Trainers) creation document for Steering Committee approval. There was an involved discussion of the draft document with several ideas for additions and alterations. A motion was passed to approve the document with the suggested changes. Wojtala asked the Steering Committee for approval of a change to the business plan to allow for money to be given to the Alliance from outside sources. The change was discussed and approval to a change in the business plan was given. The committee voted to a slight change in the compensation for ToTs to account for the varying length of courses. Animal Foods will be having its first course in May. The website is in a 6-week timeline for conversion to the new system.

April 5-6, 2016

The Steering Committee convened face-to-face in Rockville, MD. Decisions were made on 1) Document Control System, 2) FSPCA Common Terminology, 3) misuse of the FSPCA brand, 4) Lead Instructor Candidate Appeals Process, 5) FSPCA structure, and, 6) rotation of FSPCA Steering Committee Members. The Implementation Subcommittee reported on FSPCA metrics including payment patterns, Lead Instructor patterns, bookstore sales, FSPCA certificates/seals and frames, and International payment issues. The Trainer of Trainer Process was presented and approved with edits. The International Subcommittee membership and charges were reviewed and included briefings from each of the three working groups: Trainer Network, Technical Assistance and Training Content. A brief introduction on the Intentional Adulteration Subcommittee was given noting that the final rule on IA is expected to be published by the end of May 2016. It is anticipated that the IA subcommittee will be established and functional by September 2016. The Animal Food Subcommittee provided an update on the curriculum and a proposed course format and schedule. Trainers of Trainers for Animal Foods were announced. Review of Lead Instructor for Animal Food applicants is underway. The Curriculum Subcommittee (Human Foods) discussed the Version 1.2 Roll Out and a new process for recommended changes to the curriculum. A blended course (in person + online) was discussed and further discussion offline to begin the process was agreed upon. Implementation of the 2-day Lead Instructor course to begin August 1. A draft timeline for the FSVP curriculum was shared with training roll out target date of Fall 2016. The next face-to-face meeting to be held in College Park on November 29-30, 2016.

May 19, 2016

FSMA Regulator Training Plan updates were presented and consisted of three components, 1) industry best practices webinar, 2) FSPCA class for industry, FDA, and state regulators, and, 3) PCAF regulator training. The Executive Committee welcomed the addition of new members to the Steering Committee. The International Subcommittee is considering establishing International Hubs. Translation updates were discussed for Spanish (completion target: July), Chinese (completion target: August), Japanese (completion target: December), French and other translation (works in progress).  The Implementation Subcommittee is in the process of putting together a document explaining LI and ToT specifications both domestically and internationally. The Editorial Subcommittee has a blended (online + in-person) course target completion by July. The Website and Outreach Subcommittee has launched the FSPCA Community site and respectfully asks for all feedback to be directed to Carter.

June 8, 2016

The Steering Committee discussed the International Subcommittee’s face-to-face meeting set for early July. This face-to-face meeting will discuss international training hubs, international TAN, and the ToT candidate process for international candidates. The ten pilot courses in India will be offered over 4 quarters starting in August. Translation updates were provided for Spanish and Chinese languages. The Implementation Subcommittee gave an update in terms of metrics. The Editorial Subcommittee is working on completing their blended online course. The Animal Foods Subcommittee has the curriculum finalized and is starting participant courses soon. The Website and Outreach Subcommittee had launched the FSPCA Community Portal on May 10th, and has started phase 2 development that will support FSVP, Sprout Alliance, and Animal Foods as an extension off the existing community.

July 13, 2016

In the July 13 Steering Committee meeting, the Implementation Subcommittee went over the FSPCA metrics and is proud to announce that 11,580 total FSPCA Preventive Control certificates have been issued to date. A formalized process has also been approved for Trainer-of-Trainer candidates. An overview on the Food Safety and Agricultural Sustainability Training (FAST) program was given. The FAST program aims to build capacity in Central and South America as well as the Caribbean community, including CARICOM countries. The Editorial Subcommittee gave progress updates on blended courses and proposed for a Model Foods Subcommittee, which passed by voting. The Animal Foods Subcommittee recently gave their first Preventive Controls for Animal Foods course, and have six more courses scheduled in the near future. The Website and Outreach Committee is working on updating the Resource Portal and making it even more user-friendly.

August 10, 2016

In the August 15th Steering Committee meeting, Dr. Brackett went over the FSPCA structure, confirmed chairs/co-chairs for each Subcommittee and Working Group, and introduced new members of the Steering Committee. The Implementation Subcommittee discussed metrics, the IAFP Course report, the blended course and ToT Working Group. The International Subcommittee gave an overview of their Implementation Plan that will be up for approval by the Steering Committee at the September 14th meeting. The Animal Food Subcommittee discussed the progress that has been made with FSPCA AF courses. A face to face meeting is also being discussed for November 29th-30th.

september 14, 2016

The Steering Committee meeting discussed possible agenda items that will be discussed at the Face-To-Face Meeting on November 29th and 30th. It was stressed that all subcommittees and working groups need a mission and charge statements document —this will be drafted by all subcommittees/working groups and will be presented at the F2F for approval.

october 12, 2016

In the October 12th Steering Committee meeting each subcommittee gave an update on their group and progress that has been made. A Lead Instructor Webinar is in the works for early November. The Model Plan WG received approval on their Policy and Procedure form, "Guidelines for Industry-Specific Food Safety Model Plans for FSPCA Training". The next Steering Committee Face-to-Face meeting is scheduled for November 29-30 at CFSAN in College Park, MD.

november 29-30, 2016

The Steering Committee meet face-to-face in College Park, MD.