FSPCA IA Online Course PDFs

The FSPCA Intentional Adulteration online course PDFs are being made available publicly in keeping with transparency of FSPCA course material.  However, the PDF versions do not represent the full experience of participating in the online courses.  Please note these public PDF versions of the courses do not include the assessments, course interactions, or videos.  Additionally, FSPCA course certificates are only issued at the completion of the full online courses. Please note the transcripts (words spoken during the online course) are included at the end of the PDFs rather than interspersed throughout as in the full online versions.

FSPCA Food Defense Awareness for the IA Rule
FSPCA IA Rule Overview
FSPCA IA Key Activity Types Course
FSPCA IA Identification and Explanation of Mitigation Strategies Course
FSPCA IA Food Defense Plan Preparation and Reanalysis Course