FSPCA Trainers of Trainers for Human Food

One of the Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance (FSPCA) goals is to develop training programs to assist human food companies in complying with FDA's Preventive Controls for Human Food (PCHF) regulation.  In order to offer the FSPCA training to the industry worldwide, the FSPCA is currently using a small number of instructors ("Trainers of Trainers") who are highly skilled and knowledgeable about food safety systems and FDA's Preventive Controls for Human Food regulation to train independent "Lead Instructors" who then offer the FSPCA standardized curriculum training, recognized by FDA, directly to industry course participants.

The FSPCA maintains strict control over the Lead Instructor training process in order to assure successful learning outcomes.  Trainers of Trainers therefore must be high-level professionals who have extensive experience in food safety systems and training.

The FSPCA will periodically recruit additional Trainers of Trainers for human food as the need arises to help train Lead Instructors domestically and internationally to build capacity of Lead Instructors to train industry. The FSPCA's determination of need will influence approval.

At this time, the FSPCA has no need to add additional new trainers to our trainer cadre domestically in the U.S. or internationally. 

Recognized FSPCA Trainers of Trainers for Human Food

Gary Acuff
Jeff Barach
Matthew Botos
Robert Brackett
Adriana Camacho
Claudia Coles
Faith Critzer
Michelle Danyluk
Miguel Angel De los Santos
Debra DeVlieger
James Dickson
Nancy Doyle
Marco Antonio León Félix
Claudio Gallottini
Girish Ganjyal
Donna Garren
David Gombas
Kathy Gombas
Linda Harris
Li Li
Tim Jackson
Lynette Johnston
Satyanarayana Kandukuri
Jenifer Kane
Ai Kataoka
Kim Koch
Loralyn Ledenbach
Virachnee Lohachoompol
Qi Neng Lu
Tania Martinez
Carlo Merlo
Margaret Kola Ouma
Eduardo Gutierrez Rodriguez
Marcos Sanchez
Donna Schaffner
Jenny Scott
Juan Silva
Manpreet Singh
Katherine Simon
Kelly Stevens
Warren Stone
Katherine MJ Swanson
Purnendu Vasavada
Jason Wan
Xin Wang
Edith Wilkin
Noemí Zúñiga