FSPCA Trainers of Trainers for Intentional Adulteration "Conducting Vulnerability Assessments" Course

One of the Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance (FSPCA) goals is to develop training programs to assist food companies in conducting a vulnerability assessment (VA) as a requirement of the "Mitigation Strategies to Protect Food Against Intentional Adulteration" (IA Rule) regulation. In order to offer the FSPCA training to the industry worldwide, the FSPCA is currently using a small number of instructors ("Trainers of Trainers") who are highly skilled and knowledgeable about food defense systems and FDA's Intentional Adulteration regulation to train independent "Lead Instructors" who then offer the FSPCA standardized curriculum training for conducting VAs, recognized by FDA, directly to industry course participants.
The FSPCA maintains strict control over the Lead Instructor training process in order to assure successful learning outcomes. Trainers of Trainers therefore must be high-level professionals who have extensive experience in food defense systems and training.

The FSPCA will periodically recruit additional Trainers of Trainers for the IA rule Conducting Vulnerability Assessments course as the need arises, to help train Lead Instructors domestically and internationally to build capacity of Lead Instructors to train industry. The FSPCA's determination of need will influence approval.

At this time, the FSPCA has no need to add additional new trainers to our trainer cadre domestically in the U.S. or internationally.