Proximity/Laser Method

A. Introduction 

Identifies and rejects low pressure or vacuum caused by Proximity Technology defects in the sealing surface, container or closure with lid deflection.

B. Operation 

Proximity technology is used to measure vacuum or pressure in teh following container types:

  • Metal cans woth metal can ends or EXO can ends
  • Glass jars with pop-button or lug style caps
  1. A passing container on a production line stars the process by triggering a photo beam.
  2. The sensor emits a continuous magnetic field which measures the proximity (distance) of the metal cap/can end to the sensor.
  3. The system takes up to 256 readings across the top of the cam creating a profile of lid. A domed profile indicates that the can os pressurized.
  4. A flat profile indicates that the can has leaked and is no longer pressurized.
  5. The digital signal processor (DSP) output simulates the profile of the container lid.
  6. The profile value is then compared to user-set limits. Containers with lid deflection outside these limits are rejected.