Dr. Robert Backett Shares His Expertise at the Good Food Festival

Dr. Robert Brackett discussed the importance of outreach and education for the food industry regarding the newly implemented Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) at the Good Food Festival hosted by FamilyFarmed.org held at the UIC Forum on March 14, 2014.  Dr. Brackett sat on the panel for FSMA Impact on Food and Farm Business along with Ellen Phillips, Illinois Extension, Bob Borchardt, Harvest Moon Farms and Matthew Botos - CEO of ConnectFood.com was the moderator.  Dr. Brackett and Mr. Botos agreed that the more companies that work together with academia and regulatory authorities the easier implementation of FSMA will be for all the food businesses.  For additional information on FSMA, see the Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance, or ask a question at or at https://answers.connectfood.com.