Food Chemistry and Allergens Current Topics of Investigation

  • Researching a mitigation process to reduce acrylamide formation in food matrices containing asparagine and sugar to enable industry and government stakeholders to identify risk mitigation strategies that may decrease the acrylamide formation in cooked potato products.
  • Evaluating and developing best practices for allergen cleaning and validation in wet and dry manufacturing environments.
  • Studying the efficacy of a variety of different commercially available cleaning agents on ricin stability in the absence and presence of food matrices to advance knowledge about chemical treatments that could be used to inactivate protein toxins on food-contact surfaces, especially in the presence of food residues.
  • Examining the use of ultrasound in combination with washing treatments as a means of removing pesticide residue from vegetables and fruits to enable industry and government stakeholders to identify mitigation strategies that may be influential in ensuring the safety of produce.

Food Chemistry and Allergens Research Projects

  • Allergen Removal and Transfer in a Retail or Food Service Environment Using Wiping and Cleaning Methods
  • Assessing the Impact of Processing on Food Allergenicity
  • Detection and Quantification of Partially Hydrolyzed Gluten and Soy in Food
  • Determination of Optimal Food Allergen Biomarkers for Effective Assays and Labeling
  • Evaluation of Allergen Sampling Plans and Distribution in High Risk Foods
  • Methods of Authentication of Food Ingredients
  • Thermal Inactivation of Ricin - Pilot Plant Studies

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