Food Chemistry and Allergens

Food Chemistry and Allergens at IFSH

IFSH's Food Chemistry and Allergens science programs generate knowledge used by industry and regulators to make proactive science-based decisions that influence food safety, quality and public health. When working with IFSH, industry members get the latest scientific expertise and research data in the following focus areas:

  • Effects of processing on chemical constituents and beneficial bioactives in foods
  • Detection and decontamination methods for food defense and chemical threat agents
  • Validation of procedures to prevent food allergen cross-contact
  • Effects of processing on preformed natural toxins and food allergens

IFSH’s Assets and Capabilities

  • In-depth understanding of the formation and effects of processing on a variety of chemical constituents, from furan and melamine to ricin and other protein toxins
  • Real-world collaborative projects on allergen risk analysis and the effects of food processing on food allergens
  • Cutting-edge analytical capabilities, including LC-MS, GC-MS, UPLC, and immunochemical and rheological methods
  • State-of-the-art research facilities, including fully equipped chemistry laboratories, a nutrition and biochemistry laboratory and a BSL-3 laboratory and biocontainment pilot plant for chemical threat agent research

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Key Staff Members and Contact Information

Chief, Process Engineering Branch, Division of Food Processing Science & Technology,FDA
Assistant Professor, IIT