High-Throughput Sequencing (HTS) Initiative

High-Throughput Sequencing Initiative Staff

The IFSH High-Throughput Sequencing Initiative or IHI is one of the newest enterprises in IFSH to provide the latest technology for the researchers especially in the food industry. The high-throughput or next-generation sequencing (HTS/NGS) has revolutionized many scientific fields from environmental to human health sciences. With unprecedented resolution, the HTS methods and technology enable the researchers and safety personnel in the food industry to examine the products, processes and the environments with an unparalleled power to ensure the best safety measures.


The IHI offers HTS Laboratory and analytical services to all especially our colleagues in the food companies. Currently, IHI laboratory houses two Illumina MiSeq and one Oxford Nanopore MinIon sequencers in addition to all the required equipment and instruments to accurately and rapidly process a wide variety and large number of samples and isolates each month. IHI is also equipped with three high-performance computers (HPCs) with impressive computational power that allow us and our collaborators/clients to process large amounts of data that these sequencing machines produce.

The IHI laboratory services

MiSeq    QIACube

  • DNA extraction, purification and quantification
  • RNA extraction, purification and quantification
  • Library preparation
  • Whole genome sequencing (WGS)
  • RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq)
  • Metagenomics (massive 16s rDNA sequencing)
  • Metagenomics (Shotgun sequencing)

The IHI analytical services

High Performance Computing Equipment for HTS Initiative  High Performance Computing Equipment for HTS Initiative

  • Data storage and remote access
  • Sequence quality inspection and filtration (quality control)
  • Sequence assembly (WGS, RNA-seq or transcriptomics)
  • Sequence assembly assessments (quality control)
  • Sequence assembly comparisons
  • BLAST search and results
  • Sequence annotation
  • SNP analysis (CFSAN SNP Pipeline or kSNP analysis)

If you are interested in joining our IIAC, please contact the IHI leader, Behzad Imanian bimanian@iit.edu

HTS Projects And Facilities 

more about hts projects     MORE ABOUT HTs facilities

HTS Symposiums And Presentation Materials

The IHI is also active in educational events and training programs. Since its start in 2016, the IHI has organized the following HTS symposiums:

              A Tutorial and Hands-on Workshop to Help Understand Its Application to Food Safety (May 6-7, 2019)

Key Staff Members And Contact Information 


Research Assistant Professor, Leader of IFSH High Throughput Sequencing, IIT


Research Scientist Microbial Genomics, IFSH High-Throughput Sequencing, IIT

Membership Application Process

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