The Nutrition science focus area is dedicated to developing food-based solutions that improve human health and reduce the risk of disease through research that validates the impact of health promoting foods on clinically relevant end-points.

IFSH’s Assets and Capabilities

  • Expertise in designing, planning and implementing human research studies to determine the health promoting benefits of foods and food compounds
  • Access to human clinical trial facilities for studying biochemical and functional end-points of chronic disease, such as obesity and diabetes, and to state-of-the-art biochemistry and other laboratories
  • Development of scientific data for improving the adoption of dietary guidelines
  • Generating validation data on the beneficial effects of plant and dairy bioactives in foods and beverages

Key Staff Members and Contact Information

Director, Center for Nutrition Research, Associate Professor, IIT
Associate Director, Center for Nutrition Research; Associate Professor of Food Science, IIT
Director, Business Development, Adjunct Industry Professor, IIT
Assistant Professor, IIT