Highlighted Industry Services

Work alongside Leading FDA and IIT Scientists

We hold a Cooperative Research and Development Grant from the FDA to conduct research within the NCFST in five key platform areas: food processing and packaging, food microbiology, chemical contaminants and allergens, nutrition, and proficiency testing. With Industry, FDA, and IIT scientists working together, we publish an Annual Review of Research to members available on our member website. Project teams work throughout the year. Formal member meetings are as follows:
  • Annual review meeting held each September with FDA and other science leaders
  • Mid-year meeting held in early Spring to hold taskforces and forums on collaborative projects and emerging hot topics
  • Technical Advisory Committee meeting in late Spring for collaborative project ranking
  • Sessions on timely food science issues as needed

About IFSH

The Institute for Food Safety and Health (IFSH) is a one-of-a-kind applied food research institute that provides stakeholders the opportunity to develop and exchange knowledge, experience, and expertise to address key issues in food safety, food processing, and nutrition. IFSH’s collaborative research model helps its over 65 member companies innovate practical approaches that solve real-world challenges in food industry operations.

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