High Pressure Processing

HPP Product Innovation

Unlike traditional processing technologies that may significantly reduce the nutritional value of foods, HPP holds the promise of delivering premium quality food products that are both safe and nutritious.

HPP Consortiums

The current high pressure consortium builds on the successful FDA filing and the IFT award-winning Pressure Assisted Thermal Sterilization (PATS) technology derived from the initial HPP consortium. The consortium offers food and packaging companies a ground-floor opportunity for launching differentiated and value-added products.

HPP Commercialization

The validation of shelf stable, low-acid foods can often be expensive and time consuming. The Center for Processing Innovation has considerable expertise with validating HPP technology, and can help with making HPP more commercially viable. HPP is particularly relevant given that many food products are not sterile and require refrigeration for a suitable shelf life. HPP used in combination with refrigerated storage offers products with an extended shelf life.

HPP Applications

HPP enables new products such as 

  • High Quality Fruits, Vegetables 
  • Deli Meats 
  • Extended Shelf-Life ESL Foods 
  • RTE Teas, Coffees, and Smoothies 
  • Soups, Pot Roasts, and Stews 
  • Cheese and cream Sauces 
  • Liquid Flavors and Herbs 
  • Low Acid Pasta Sauces

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