Pilot Plant and Facilities Leasing

IFSH operates several food pilot plants with varying scales of equipment. A GMP pilot plant with a kitchen suite and a smaller private project bay are suitable for most product development projects. They are supported by a dry storage room with a choice of two chilled walk-in coolers. An adjacent product cutting room with kitchenette and private conference area is next to the GMP pilot plant. There is also an available food properties lab and in the high bay processing pilot plant there are several retorts and a 24 L High Pressure Processing (HPP) unit. Various UV light equipment and HTST pasteurizers are available for beverage processing. The facilities can be made available for private use through a lease agreement for an individual professional, small start-up or large company seeking the means to reformulate a product or develop new prototypes. IFSH can also accommodate any number of process equipment types that the client may wish to bring in to center. Certain unit operations can be made available for rental for off-site work. Please contact the Business Development / Marketing and Communications, Renee Anderson for information about leasing arrangements and IFSH Director of Facilities, Ed Steiner for inquiries about pilot plant capabilities. For a complete list of facilities, see our IFSH Facilities Page.

Pilot Plant and Facilities Leasing

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